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Through Bore Slip Ring

This series is specially designed with a through bore for hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation, the through hole is optional from 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50mm, 96mm to 500mm
Current optional from 2A to 2000A
Advanced multi-contacting ensures reliable operation with low friction
Aluminum Alloy housing
Working speed could be up to 10000rpm
Protection Grade could be up to IP68

We also produce big through hole slip rings such as through-bore slip ring with a 1.5 size which makes it suitable for shaft mounting. In addition, this item is also suitable for other various applications, including fluid transfer and those requiring working with fiber brush contacts.

Note that the slip rings manufactured by Jinpat do not come with requirements in terms of lubrication and there is no wear debris produced by them. There are four different models available, from 1to 24 circuits.

These bore slip rings provide effortless routing passage for pneumatics, hydraulics, and concentric shaft mount. They are engineered with newest fiber brush technology that scores over usual slip rings. There are multiple points of contact force per fiber and minimal rates of low contact. There is no need of any kind of lubrication for these slip rings, thus making it easier to handle and maintain them.

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you with professional recommendation and customization.

Model Number of
Diameter ( mm)
diameters ( mm)
Current ( A) Details
LPT012A 1~12 ø12.7 ø35.0 2A download
LPT012 1~24 ø12.7 ø56.00 2-30A download
LPT025 1~24 ø25.4 ø86.0 2A/5A/10A download
LPT038 1~24 ø38.1 ø99.0 2A/5A/10A download
LPT050 1~24 ø50 ø119.0 5A/10A/15A download
LPT060 1~24 ø60 ø135 5A/10A/15A download
LPT070 1~24 ø70 ø135 5A/10A/15A download
LPT080 1~24 ø80.0 ø160 5A/10A/15A download
LPT096 1~24 ø96.0 ø185 5A/10A/15A download
LPT190 1~24 ø190 ø320 5A/10A/15A download
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