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Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
1. Fiber optic rotary joints are used for optical signal transmission.
2. This series covers single mode single channel, single mode multi channel and multi mode multi channel.
3. Optical signal only or hybrid unit (optical+electrical) is transmitted
4. Capsule and through bore fiber optic rotary joints are available

Fiber optic slip ring, using optical fiber as data transmission media, to solve the problem of system components of rotating connection between data transmission, provides the best technical solutions. This product is especially suitable for application in need of unrestricted, continuous or intermittent rotation, and also need to send the large capacity data from a fixed position to the rotational position, as well as signal, it can improve the mechanical properties, simplifying the system operation, avoid the damage of fiber caused by activities due to the rotation of the joints, and can be used with traditional electronic bus ring, made convergence of optical-electrical hybrid ring, transmit power and high speed data.

Fiber optic slip rings are standard, ready available slip ring solution. Use gold contacts at the rotary interface for signal rings, and 1 channel fiber optic rotary joints for large amount data transmitting can combine with large current, Thermocouples, Ethernet, Coaxial (RF), USB on request

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you with professional recommendation and customization.

Model Channel Count Max. Operating Speed (rpm) Fiber Type Connector Type Details
LPFO-01A 1 2000/5000 SM/MM All types download
LPFO-02A 2 200 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA/LC or /APCs download
LPFO-02B-MM 2 100 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA/LC download
LPFO-07A 3-7 200 SM/MM ST/FC/SC/LC download
LPFO-07B 3-7 200 SM/MM ST/FC/SC/LC download
LPFO-19A 8-19 200 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA/LC/APCS download
LPFO-1F1202 1 optical/12x2A 240 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC download
LPFO-1F2401 1 optical/24x1A 240 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC download
LPFO-1F3001 1 optical/30x1A 240 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC download
LPFO-1F3005 1optical/30x5A 500 SM/MM FC/SC/ST/SMA /LC download
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