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Mercury Slip Ring

This mercury series manufactured by Jinpat is a mercury slip ring that is ideal for use in the transmission of all rotary signal applications. The body of the unit is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel and it has four conductor poles.

The mercury slip ring by Prosper is a rotating electrical connector which is incorporated with air proof sealing and an insulated electrical method. The housing is made of positive disposable aluminum alloy or stainless metal. Using this unit, it can allow the certain transmission of all types of rotary signals.

Jinpat rotating electrical connector with airproof and insulated electric technics has an aluminium alloy or stainless steel housing with a strain gauge, video signal, audio signal, computer signal and high frequency. It can be used in transmitting any rotary signal, such as thermoelectric couple, current, micro-voltage and EMF.

Model OD (mm) Poles Current Max. Operating Speed (rpm) Details
A2H ø25.3X27.9 2 30A 0-1800 download
A2S ø14.3 2 4A 0-2000 download
A4H ø31.6X27.9 4 30A/4A 0-1200 download
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