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Super Miniature Slip Ring

1. Outer diameter: 7.9mm, very high precision
2. Stainless steel housing and rotating axis, very low torque
3.Working temperature could be up to 200℃
4. All military standard raw materials, which ensures low signal transmitted well in very harsh environment.

In order to satisfy the demand of market, and promote the development of high-end industry, JINPAT has recently developed a new precision slip ring LPMS-04D with smaller volume. Body diameter is only 5.5mm, the length is 9.6mm (see chart). It is reduced by about 30% than the original diameter, is the first in the domestic. It breaks the traditional slip ring’s structure that the brush matched with ring, and is suitable for use in harsh environments. We can ensure the mechanical and electrical properties of the product, and can solve greater technical problems that the conventional slip ring quality consistency bias, the fluctuations in the value of dynamic resistance between the products do not exceed 3m. It can meet the demand of high-quality transmission of aerospace, military equipment, precision medical equipment, robotic and other facilities’ weak signals. In addition, 5.5mm diameter size can meet 10-circuit or less (including 10-circuit) slip ring’s production, simply based on the length of the number of circuits to make appropriate changes. If necessary, please contact us for details.

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you with professional recommendation and customization.

Model Number of
Outside diameters
Current(A) Details
LPMS-04A 4 ø7.9×10.80 1A download
LPMS-04C 4 ø7.90*10.80 1A or higher download
LPMS-04D 4 ø7.90*10.80 2A download
LPMS-06A 6 ø7.9×11.2 1A download
LPMS-06B 6 ø8.5×11.2 1A download
LPMS-10A-08 8 ø10×14.6 1A download
LPMS-10A 10 ø10×14.6 1A download
LPMS-10B 10 ø10.5×13.6 1A download
LPMS-12A 12 ø11.1×24 1A download
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