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Capsule Slip Ring

    1. Miniature Slip RingMiniature slip rings are small and compact. Color-coded lead wires are used on both stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections. Using a 90° V-groove ring design for each ring, it has higher performance, longer working life, higher rotating speed, and lower noise.
    1. Super Miniature Slip RingIn order to satisfy the demand of market, and promote the development of high-end industry, JINPAT has recently developed a new precision slip ring LPMS-04D with smaller volume. Body diameter is only 5.5mm, the length is 9.6mm (see chart).

1. Outer diameter: 22-25mm
2. Circuits combination is available
3. Circuits: 3, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 56, 76, 125circuits
4. Working speed: 300rpm (10,000rpm is compatible for some special module)
5. Metal or plastic is optional for housing and rotating axis
6. Various signal are available (video, control, sensor, Profinet, Ethernet, USB, and so on)
7. Advanced military technique is adopted to process surface, gold to gold contacting, which insures low electric noise and long life time, it is special fit for middle/small rotating system of transmitting low control signal.

This capsule slip ring is a kind of compact small size slip rings, that can meet 360 degree freely rotation. It has very long life about 10 million rotary cycles. With the most reliable performance and stable speed between rings and brushes, thus reducing material consumption so as to enhance its lifetime.

This series has been designed keeping flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability in mind.

This series of compact capsule electrical slip ring offers a low torque design with gold-on-gold contacts. The compact capsule has minimal electrical noise. Its compact and ergonomic structure makes it suitable for application where reduced dimensions are required. The compact integrated device is an ideal solution to modern industrial controls, sensors, robots, and medical equipment.

The color-coded, versatile lead wires are specially used for transferring digital and analog signals. Available models are in 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, and 56 circuits.

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you with professional recommendation and customization.

Model Number of Circuits Outside Diameters*Length (mm) Current (A) Details
LPC-03P 3 ø22.0×42.53 10 download
LPC-06A 6 ø22.0×19.20 2 download
LPC-06C 6 ø21.5×19.53 2 download
LPC-06D 6 ø22.0×22.20 2 download
LPC-06E 6 ø22.0×19.53 2 download
LPC-06F 6 ø22.0×19.7 2 download
LPC-06T 6 ø24.8×31 2 download
LPC-08A 8 ø22×21.4 2 download
LPC-08B 8 ø22.0×26.43 2 download
LPC-12A 12 ø22.0×26.43 2 download
LPC-12C 12 ø21.5×26.38 2 download
LPC-12D 12 ø22.0×26.38 2 download
LPC-12E 12 ø22.0×26.43 2 download
LPC-12H 12 ø18.0×21.00 2 download
LPC-12T 12 ø24.8×39.8 2 download
LPC-13A 13 ø19×28.9 2 download
LPC-14B 14 ø22×29.2 2 download
LPC-18A 18 ø22.0×35.03 2 download
LPC-18D 18 ø22×32.85 2 download
LPC-18F 18 ø22×33.4 2 download
LPC-18G 18 ø22×32.58 2 download
LPC-18H 18 ø22.8×33.4 2 download
LPC-24A 24 ø22.0×42.53 2 download
LPC-24T 24 ø24.8×54.8 2 download
LPC-30A 30 ø22×49.8 2 download
LPC-30T 30 ø35.5×62.3 2 download
LPC-36A 36 ø22.0×57.2 2 download
LPC-36T 36 ø24.8×68.5 2 download
LPC-56A 56 ø25.0×85.70 2 download
LPC-76A 76 ø35.5×104.85 2 download
LPC-125 125 ø54×286 2 download