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Slip Ring Separate

Introduction to Separate Slip Rings
1. Sometimes, separate slip ring (rotor) and brush block (stator) could solve the problem of dimension limitation.
2. 2-15 circuits of brush and rotor combinations are available
3. 9.5mm to 60mm through bore or no through bore are optional
4. It is specially fit for all kinds of precise instruments
5. Customization is available as per different requirement

Separate slip ring consists of two parts separately, one part is rotor, and another one is brush block. One of the rotor part can has through bore type, it used for liquid channel, pneumatic channel or shaft assembly, which can be specially suitable for space limitations and installation demand in the system of customer. Meanwhile, this kind of slip ring could use pin instead of using lead wire to pass bigger current. Contact materials play a very important key in the performance of total separate slip ring. We adopt the best gold plated contact materials to meet the main performance features of wear resistant, high temperature resistant, low resistance and so on.

Please contact us, our sales engineers will provide you with professional recommendation and customization.

Model Number of Circuits ID/OD (mm) Current (A) Max. Operating Speed (rpm) Details
LPS-03 3 0/ø2.9 1~3 0-100 download
LPS-04 4 0/ø3.5 1~3 0-100 download
LPS-06 6 ø9.55/ø14.73 2 0-100 download
LPS-08 8 ø9.55/ø14.73 2 0-100 download
LPS-10 10 ø9.55/ø15.73 2 0-100 download
LPS-12 12 ø9.55/ø14.73 2 0-100 download
LPS-15 15 ø9.55/ø14.7 2 0-100 download
LPS-060 3 ø60/ø81 10 0-100 download
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