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Slip Ring (with Connector Tabs)

LPR series is widely used in packing machines, rotating platforms, cable reels, heated rollers and other equipment sets.
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1. Compact design
2. Replace wire contact with pins for reliable and fast installation
3. Stronger current-carrying capacity
4. Low contact resistance
5. Friction-free fragments
6. Long service life
7. It is a mercury slip ring designed for industrial applications.

Model OD*L (mm) Poles Current (A) Max. Operating Speed
LPR-2H ø46.0x37.00 2 25 0-300 download
LPR-4H ø32.6x28.40 4 5~14 0-300 download
LPR-6H ø33.00x36.50 6 5~15 0-300 download
LPR-8H ø45.00x52.00 8 5~20 0-300 download
LPR-2S ø46.00x37.00 2 5 0-300 download
LPR-4S ø32.9x28.40 4 5 0-300 download
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