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High Current Slip Ring

When high currents flow through a slip ring, excessive heat will result. That is why we've specially designed the slip ring with wide space between adjacent rings for quick heat dissipation and easy maintenance.

The continuous operating current is up to 2000A while the peak current is as high as 5000A. From there you can see that our high current slip ring totally lives up to its name. The carbon brush is imported from Europe, built to carry high currents all the while kicking up little dust. The entire run is stable, reliable.

At the moment, JINPAT Electronics is developing new electrical connectors that are supposed to withstand higher currents. With in-house development and manufacturing capability, JINPAT leads the industry in high current slip ring technology.

As early as in 2011, we successfully produced the first Chinese 2.3 meters high-current slip ring. This product is still performing well. The price of this high current slip ring is also very competitive, which is 40% to 50% lower than that of a comparable slip ring imported overseas.

The high current series slip rings are compact, cost effective, mercury free, designed for industrial manufacturing. High current series slip rings overcome the disadvantages of mercury slip ring which is used in a demanding environment, and not environmental protection. Advanced technology and reliable structure, maximum utilization of contact materials realize the highest performance but low cost. They are best applicable in the food and packaging industries. Standard terminals fit to quickly install. There is a key slot in the shaft to fix and drive the shaft. Silver alloy contact material was brazed welding on the beryllium copper spring. And the spring components are fixed on the brush holder. Separated stator part fits for narrow space. High current slip ring is based on good thermal design and heat-resisting materials

Top-grade imported graphite alloy
Operates properly at 2000A high current
Compatible with data bus protocol
Protection rating: IP68, suitable for severe marine environments
Extended life, maintenance free, no lubrication
360° degree free rotation
Transmits power or data signals

Offshore platform, portal machine, shipyard, crane, hoist

Other Application of Slip Rings
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