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Wind Turbine Slip Ring

LPW wind power slip ring is widely used in wind power generation system with a power of 600KW--5MW. This series of slip ring features low temperature resistance, high humidity, anti-sandstorm and corrosion resistant.

Originally built for use as a crane collector column type slip ring, now has found widespread use in the water treatment industry as well as in the cable real and wind turbine sector where it is used to transfer electrical power.

Slide contact between the rotor and the stator happens for the transfer of energy. It is pressed on the revolving slip ring by a precision spring. It can transfer digital data up to the Gbit/s range.

To make sure of a trustworthy function and long product lifespan, select the optimal pair of materials for the contacts by considering tribological and electrical requirements. There are various designs available.

Model Poles OD*L (mm) Current (A) Voltage AC/DC (V) Max. Operating Speed
LPW-01 10 ø100X167 10A/20 240 0-300 download
LPW-02 3 ø46X78 30 1000 0-300 download
LPW-03 6 Refer to 3D drawings 1~12 400 0-30 download
LPW-05-S9X 29 ø190X319 1~63 400 0-30 download
LPT025 1~24 ø86.0 1~15 380 0-500 download
LPC-03P 3 ø22.0x42.53 10 240 0-300 download
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