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Custom Slip Ring

We strive to meet the needs of our customers. If an assembly from our standard line does not fit your requirements, our R&D team will work with you to design a slip ring to meet your exact demands.

Grand customized slip rings would reach below special requirements:
Current capabilities (nanoamps) up to 1,000Amps, voltage capabilities (microvolts) up to 3KV, high speed up to 5,000 rpm, high temperature up to 400°C, low temperature of -60°C (separate slip rings -150°C), long life up to 200,000,000 cycles, 200 million, digital data transfer up to 600 Mbits/s, sealing up to IP67@1Mpa, big bore size up to 1,000mm, multi-way up to 500 ways and combine with electrical, signal, gas and liquid or fiber optical transmission

We understand that the range of application for a slip ring can be wide and varied. Because of that, we offer to customize slip rings as per customer requirements. Whether it is a fiber optic rotary joint, hydraulic slip ring, or hybrid slip ring that you're looking for, JINPAT's research and development team would love to listen to your needs and deliver quality personalized slip rings.

Upon ordering, please do specify the following aspects: rotational speed, current, voltage, circuit count, protection rating, frequency, special signal transmission (that of Canbus, Ethernet, thermocouple, USB, RS, etc.)

We also manufacture custom slip rings for the mix of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, RF and power circuits, and fiber optic, electrical and pneumatic circuits.

High rotational speed, frequency, protection rating, and data transmission speed, paired with fast design turnaround and delivery times, allow our custom slip rings to draw more customers to the company.

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