Quality Superiority

We at JINPAT hold quality to a high standard and require every employee to take due responsibility in quality management. For us, achieving customer satisfaction is a top priority. There is an ongoing effort to innovate and strive for excellence so that we can meet customer's exact needs.

Production Equipment
JINPAT owns and operates advanced automatic production equipment, including the wire cutter, wire stripper, and the crimping machine. This equipment serves as a guarantee that JINPAT slip rings will be built to standards. The high level of automation minimizes quality defects arising from manual operation. The wide range of top notch testing equipment, including the network analyzer, high-current generator, and the ultrasonic cleaner, makes sure that the resultant product is stable, reliable, and is as good as it gets.

Network Analyzer
Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

We employ ISO9001 quality management system to perform quality control. For internal management, we adopt the concept of 5S, namely SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, and SHITSUKE. Each production line has its own inspection procedure. Quality inspection is carried out strictly following that procedure every step of the way, from raw material entering the factory, through first article inspection, to batch production.

Our research and development team is staffed by experienced engineers. They bring to their jobs the same enthusiasm as they did to their prior experience in multi-national companies and research institutes. These talents also infuse the company with motivations to innovate and strive for excellence.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of all employees, JINPAT's got certified under ISO9001, ISO14001, BV Classification Society, and GJB standards. With these in mind, customers can rest assured knowing our products will be up to military standards.

In military field, JINPAT once supplied reliable electrical swivels for use in the air-to-air missile air defense systems. At that time, there were 4 slip ring factories getting in on the tender for that contract. In the end, JINPAT was awarded the contract. By doing so, we also got GJB certified, which made us the first of its kind in the slip ring industry to get GJB certification.

  • BV
  • CE
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001

JINPAT slip rings use gold-on-gold contacts for reliable, maintenance-free performance and longevity. Many of them come with sand-blasted enclosure to resist corrosion and wear. That is why our products can be widely used across industries where explosion, moisture, vibration, impact, temperature extremes, signal quality loss, or electrical noise is a serious concern.

Thanks again to the efforts of all employees, JINPAT's achieved satisfactory results: customer satisfaction rate up to 95%, products' first-time pass rate no less than 98%, on-time delivery rate more than 95%, and goods return rate less than 2%.

Hollow-Shaft Slip Ring Workshop
Hollow-Shaft Slip Ring

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