Capsule Slip Ring Production Line

Take a virtual tour around JINPAT Electronics, and get a feel for why we are a leading slip ring manufacturer in China. From design, through manufacturing, to inspection, we control product quality every step of the way. Advanced production and testing equipment, paired with high-tech process, also contributes to the fact that JINPAT product is ranked among in the top of their class for performance and reliability.

Capsule Slip Ring Production
Injection Molding
Automatic wire cutting, stripping and tinning line
Brush welding
Steel ring welding

Pictured on this page is a dust-free workshop, which is focused on the production of one of our chief products: the capsule slip ring. As early as in 2013, we improved the wire cutting, stripping and tinning process that traditionally required 3 workers to complete. The improved process now needs only one man to take care of, which saves labor all the while improving production speed.

A full view of dust-free workshop
Capsule slip ring assembly

The workshop was built in 2012, which is a class 100,000 clean room. This dust-free facility is the first of its kind in Chinese slip ring industry, which ensures the cleanliness of the resultant product and minimizes the contact resistance fluctuation.

Tensile Test
Static, dynamic resistance fluctuation test 1
Finished capsule slip ring conductivity test
Insulation resistance tests

In-house Tests
1. Each and every of finished capsule slip rings needs to go through a conductivity test. Disqualified product will be weeded out for rework.
2. Inspectors randomly check the tensile strength of the capsule slip ring. (The product is pulled until it snaps.)

Finished Product Tests
1. An improved test method is used to check static and dynamic resistance fluctuation. A maximum of 24 circuits can be tested in one operation.
2. Conductivity test (All products need to be tested.)
3. Insulation resistance
4. Mechanical property
5. Appearance check