CNC Lathe

The establishment of lathes, milling machines and CNC workshops was done for the purpose of lowering the production costs. In the past, all precision machining jobs were sent out to a third-party factory, which was time and money consuming.

Since 2009, JINPAT has started to use our own CNC lathes which are operated by 20 employees. Skilled craftsmen in their supervisor positions bring to the work more than 20 years of hands-on experience in lathe operation. At the busiest times, workers within this workshop produce 600 to 700 parts of different specs on a daily basis. The SL360 series high-precision CNC lathe is specially designed to work on our subminiature capsule slip rings in diameter smaller than that of your pinkie.

CNC lathe workshop
Workshop Supervisor
Milling Machine
sl360 High-Precision CNC Lathe