We at JINPAT understand that a slip ring which is right for one applicaiton may not be for another. Because of that, we offer to customize our slip rings as per customer requirements.

Our customization service includes making minor changes to standard products concerning their specs such as increasing circuit counts, electric currents, adding EMI shields, etc., or as an alternative creating a new slip ring that has never existed before based on customer-provided use environments. The latter requires us to design a completely new electrical rotary connector that meets customer requirements regarding size, shape, and technical specs.

In applications where spark resistance, current handling ability, impact resistance, and thermal performance are important factors, JINPAT offers to customize a prodcut that fits the application needs. Listed below are custom slip rings we've made for customers.

  • High current slip ring
  • Explosion-proof slip ring
  • Large-size slip ring
  • Military grade slip ring

For customers with customization request, please provide the following information.
Circuit counts
Rated current, rated voltage
Type of signal for transfer
Working speed
Working temperature
Operating environment

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