Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is JINPAT slip ring different from similar products on the market?
The quality of JINPAT electrical swivel is backed up by reliable supply chains, military-grade materials and advanced processes.

2. Do you work with any partners?
We work with a number of big-name companies across industries. Our focus is on developing a long-term partnership, not on gaining short-lived profits. While we are at it, we gain also a deper understanding of what kind of slip rings a specific industry really needs and the related standards thereof.

3. How long are your lead times?
We'll deliver your order within a week from the day we receive your full payments.

4. Is 500rpm the maximum rotational speed of your slip ring?
No, it's not. We can customize the rotation speed anywhere between 0 and 10000rpm. For customers with higher speed requiremetns, please call to tell us.

5. I'd like to know the bore diameter range of your through-bore slip ring.
The through bore diameter range is from as small as 5mm to as large as 500mm. For bore diameter beyond that range, please call to order.

6. What is the voltage range of your slip ring?
Our slip ring can handle voltages from several millivolts to 600V. It is also suitable for the transfer of weak voltage signals. Customized slip rings can tolerate high voltage.

7. Your slip ring separates are found to be suitable for our equipment. However, we need 50mm bore and also have cost constraints. Can you swing it?
Yes, we totally can handle your requirements. Contact one of our sales representatives and tell them your design requirements and budget.

8. What signal type is your slip ring designed to handle?
Inter Bus, Can-Bus, Profibus, RS422, RS485, PLC control, analog/digital video, digital audio, GB Ethernet, temperature, and load sensor signals, etc.

9. We need capsule slip rings of less than 10mm diameter. Can you supply them?
We have a type of capsule slip rings in 7.9mmm diameter, which is a proprietary product of JINPAT. This type of electrical rotary connector is designed fit in tight space, and available with gold-on-gold contacts as well as aluminum alloy enclosure.

10. I want to order slip ring brushes from JINPAT and will use them to pass voltages higher than 10000V. Are they available?
Sure we can.

11. Can you offer brushes with high protection ratings to handle severe application environments?
Yes, we can. Simply specify the expected IP rating and let JINPAT engineers take care of the rest.

12. What kind of seal can you provide for your slip rings?
We can provide enclosed brushes which are designed to resist dust and rainwater. Standard protection rating is IP54, but we can offer IP65 slip rings upon request. For customers with higher requirements, our engineers will contact you.

13. Our equipment has high requirements for slip rings and is now in need of pancake slip rings. Can you supply them?
Yes, we do have pancake slip rings, like the LPK series. Please tell us your specs.

14. How long does your slip ring last?
In normal working environments, the lifespan of our slip ring is up to 80 million rpm.

15. Can your LPK series slip ring be mounted on a printed circuit board? In that case, the slip ring needs to be made in a separate design, with the brush separate from the metal ring.
Of course we can. Our pancake slip ring can be made in either self-contained or component style. The LPKS-0205 pancake slip ring, for example, is a type of component pancake ring, suitable for mounting on PCB.

16. Can your slip ring be used on an industrial turntable?
Yes. As a matter of fact, many of our customers have purchased our slip rings for use on their turntables. Most of them have chosen our LPT series through-bore slip ring. Please browse our through-bore slip ring webpage, and tell us the required size, circuit count, and electric current. Our engineers ensure you'll get the right slip ring that fits the application.

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