High Current Slip Ring Workshop

Our in-house developed signal circuit takes up much less space than previous models. The slip ring enclosure is also made smaller to suit itself for a wider range of applications, such as a ship or military equipment.

The brush is a key part of the high current slip ring. That is why we should purchase quality brushes from world-renowned European factories. The life span of the Europe-made brush is three times that of a brush made in China.

In addition to quality materials, the workshop also sets up a test department, dedicated to testing the insulation resistance and thermal performance of the slip ring as well as the wear resistance of the carbon brush. The focus of all our efforts is on ensuring JINPAT product quality.

A full view of the high current slip ring workshop
Brush block assembly
Carbon brush assembly
European brush
Slip ring enclosure assembly
Signal circuit
Temperature rise test
Brush tensile strength test
Carbon brush wear