Slip Ring on PTZ Dome Camera

JIN PAT is staffed by about a hundred senior engineers, consultants, and experts and outfitted with a high- precision lab center. Our quality slip rings are widely used in military equipment, construction machinery, electrical test equipment, CCTV pan / tilt camera mounts, robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment, exhibit / display equipment, manufacturing and process, control equipment, indexing tables and mini cable reels, aviation instrument, medical equipment, mini-type wire-rolling machine, closed-circuit control, laboratory equipment, and more.

The way you install a PTZ dome camera greatly affects its rotational angle. Generaly speaking, a properly installed PTZ dome camera allows a 355° degree of motion in the horizontal plane. A full rotation is impossible due to the use of limit screws which leads to blind corners in monitoring.

Thanks to advances in position limiting techniques, the dome camera we use today can achieve a full rotation or even 365 degree of rotation. Where the stationery cables need to make an electrical connection to the rotary camera, a slip ring can be used to avoid cables being twisted or tangled up all the while allowing the transfer of power and signals.

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