Engineering Capability

JINPAT's research and development team is comprised of almost 100 expert engineers and consultants and works in a state of the art lab center. It is in that lab where a range of advanced slip rings are developed for use in air, ground, and marine forces, as well as military equipment.

Engineering Center

Many of our engineers have come to us from internationally known companies, and bring with them years of experience and expertise in slip ring design. This team ensures that each of our slip rings is designed to meet exact customer requirements.

As part of our commitment to quality, JINPAT has been awarded 7 quality management system certifications, 2 trademark certifications, 2 honorary titles, and 4 product patents.

  • Patents
  • Patents

We employ a complete quality management system to control the quality at each step, including design, manufacturing and testing operations. High quality raw materials are paired with imported high precision equipment and advanced processes, ensuring the quality of JINPAT slip rings.

Our electrical swivels are ranked among the top of their class for performance, reliability, and customer preference. The workbench in our high precision test center has been developed by our engineering staff, backed by a number of years of experience3. It is here where we use improved methods to test the contact resistance between the brush and the metal ring.

Brush contact resistance
Accelerated life testing

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