Raw Material Inspection

With great attention to detail, JINPAT controls quality every step of the way. For us, quality management starts the moment raw materials are about to enter the factory. With years of experience in quality inspection, JINPAT provides a unique insight into the characteristics of all raw materials. From there, quality inspectors make a clear judgment about the quality and value of the incoming raw materials.

Aspects of raw material that need to be checked include:
Slip Ring Housing (Enclosure)
1. Center distance between two wire brush holes in lengthwise direction
2. Center distance between two wire brush holes in crosswise direction
3. Hole straightness
4. Distance between left and right-side bearings

Rotary Shaft
1. Thickness of insulation rubber between rings
2. Space between adjacent metal rings
3. Concentricity

1. Material
2. Transmission
3. Surface quality
4. Size

Copper Ring
1. Material
2. Hardness
3. Internal surface finish
4. Size

Copper Ring after Electroplating
1. Thickness of gold plating
2. Plating adhesion
3. Internal surface finish
4. Size

Surface finish test
Constant temperature accelerated life test
Brush surface finish test
Two-dimensional measurement