Service Team

JINPAPs service network covers more than a hundred countries around the world. If you have any requirement, please give us a call

At JINPAT Electronics, each department is held to its commitment to clients and coordinates with other departments to provide all-round service to valued customers. For JINPAT, customer service is a systemic effort backed up by our strong research and development force, dedicated quality inspectors, and an excellent sales team. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction before, during and after a purchase.

Service Team
Quality Service

Even before customers make a purchase, we'd love to answer their quextions concerning our sling rings. Depending on customer specific applications and use environments, our sales representatives will recommend the most suitable product that fits their needs.

After customers place an order and make a payment, we'll keep them updated on the order progress. Generally speaking, customers can receive their order within 1 or 2 weeks after making full payments.

When our electrical swivels arrive at the customer's site, we'll provide installation guide for free. Call to request technical instructions. For any problem arising during use, we will repsond to it within 24 hours. Based on customer's feedback on the problem slip ring, we'll analyze its root cause and provide a quality report to that customer within 48 hours.

Our product warranty lasts 1 year. We'll repair any problem product within the warranty period. We also offer free repair service for dysfunctional products beyond warranty. Costs incurred in replacing damaged parts will the responsibility of customers.

Our sales network has grown to reach several overal service offices in Singapore and North America, allowing us to serve our client base more quickly and with greater expertise.

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